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 The Womack Herons meet throughout the year. Here you see us having a barbecue at Salhouse Broad.

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You can contact us by sending an e-mail to enquiries@womackherons.org.uk


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New members are welcome at the Womack Herons. Subscriptions are just 10 for a couple and 5 for single members.
If you are interested in social boating on the Norfolk Broads, you are welcome to join. Just send us an e-mail. Our details are above. You don't need to own a boat to be a member.


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The Womack Herons is a boating and social club based in the village of Ludham at the heart of the Norfolk Broads. The club organises social events and outings in the wider Broads area.

Many club events can be reached by boat and are a good excuse for a day out on the water. You can always go by car if you want or perhaps get a lift from a boat which is going to the event. You do not need a boat to be a member of the club.
Events take place throughout the year and are designed to be enjoyable social occasions with a boating theme. A programme of events for this year can be found on our Meetings Page. Just hit the button above or follow this link.


Our events

The Womack Herons meet once or twice a month throughout the year. Regular events include the Launching Supper when we celebrate the end of winter, and the Laying up Supper when we mark the end of the summer season. We are a social club and as well as boating events we have lots of other activities and outings
In the summer we organise regular cruises to different Broads locations. This might be for a barbecue, a pub lunch, a picnic or even a game of rounders. All our meetings are informal fun events and all can be reached by car as well as by boat.

The Stan Coles Trophy

Every autumn, Herons compete for the coveted Stan Coles Trophy. It might be a quiz, a treasure hunt or some other activity. There is always a twist to the competition and it has provided lots of entertainment down the years.